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Series "385". Relatively modest, small country collections, or variety lots of misc. stamps, mostly used and hinged in no particular order that I can discern, on three-hole lined notebook paper. The upside is that these stamps were obviously carefully selected by the collector for their very clean /neat condition.A wonderful collection of mostly mint official stamps.This set is sold at 45% of catalog value to give you a great deal on some of these more expensive stamps. Get them while you can.

Lot #
( 146 / 146 / $410.75 ). Has # 384a**S.S., 384a** imperf S.S., 399a**S.S., 399a** imperf S.S., 400-404**, 419-22**, 423-27**, 407-18**, 428-31**, 419-22** S.S., 428-31** imperf S.S., 435a-j**, 446-53**, 436**S.S, 432-34**, 457-62**, pr of 100f crescent moon and red cross Souvenir Sheets imperf, 200f Imperf 1964 Olympic games S.S., 100f Kennedy S.S. creased C25a** S.S, C22-25**, 466-70**, 471-75**, 471-75** imperf S.S., 476-83**, 484-90**, Boy Scouts 100f S.S, 523-523C**, 1965 Royal Visit S.S., C42A-F**, 1964 Tokyo 100f S.S, 524-524B**, 526-562A**.

* Mint ** Mint NH PC Pen Cancel
BC Bar Cancel DMGD Damaged SE Straight Edge
CC Clipped Corner MXD Mixed Mint/Used SS Souv. Sheet
CCR Corner Crease NC Not Counted // Not Complete Set
CP Clipped Perfs. NG No Gum RC Revenue Cancel