About the Dealer

Don Leweis of Country Collections

My wife and I recently moved "back home" to Tucson, Arizona after spending the past ten years in Dubuque, Iowa. Both of us were raised in Arizona. I have an undergraduate degree from the University of Arizona in Agricultural Economics, and a masters degree from the University of Texas in Social Work. I recently retired after thirty years in the social service field to start my stamp dealership Country Collections. We have three daughters, all in college. I began stamp collecting in grade school, and rediscovered the hobby about fifteen years ago.

My Philosophy


My hope is to be able to personably serve you, even in this electronic and computer age. To the extent possible, I would like to replicate the concept of the small stamp store that used to exist in almost every town. With this web site, you can browse through the list, select nothing, or spend several hundred dollars. If you are not pleased with the purchase, return it. You may also email or call me if you have a particular collecting interest that I may be able to meet. I have many other collections on hand and regularly acquire new material. I will provide quality stamps at reasonable prices and will provide as quick and as personable a service as possible with a smile on my face (you will have to take my word about the smile!)