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Series "161". These unusual individual country collections have been organized from a large stock of individual stamps and sets, and placed in glassines. We have been offering these collections for several years now from this huge hoard of stamps. These collections are loaded with mostly used very fine stamps and sets. The glassines are reminiscing of when we were kids and used to buy packets of stamps. However, these are of much higher quality, with lots of value. May contain some minor duplication in some of the countries. In those instances, the prices have been reduced.These lots were priced using a 2011 Scott Catalogue, and thus may be really good buys compared to today’s prices.

Lot #
ZAMBIA, 1964-2000. RANG
#5-870A. ( 25 / 9 / $19.20). Has #319, 334, 349, 357, 421*.

Series "447". Beautiful, colorful worldwide collections on Harris Albums pages, supplemented with additional quadrille album pages. This is a very thoughtfully organized and annotated collections with small sections of early pre 1940 stamps, and then large sections of more recent "like new" mint collections of colorful newer stamps and Souvenir Sheets, occasionally supplemented with Non-Scott listed material. There are 54 volumes in this collection. A true labor of love. Many of the Mint stamps are securely mounted to the page with two hinges.

Lot #
(254/200/$196.40). Has 1/4-17MX, 20-28/25MX, 30-32/35/39-50, 52-56, 107, 117-119*, 162-165*, 180-303MX, 319-330*, 392, 407*, 411*, 422-26*, 433-35//, 440-43*, 480, 490-91, 499-500/502-03, 533-38//MX, 686*, J1-6*.

* Mint ** Mint NH PC Pen Cancel
BC Bar Cancel DMGD Damaged SE Straight Edge
CC Clipped Corner MXD Mixed Mint/Used SS Souv. Sheet
CCR Corner Crease NC Not Counted // Not Complete Set
CP Clipped Perfs. NG No Gum RC Revenue Cancel