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Series "282". A fabulous collection of Italy and States and Occupations. One of the most comprehensive specialized collection that we have had the privilege to sell. Originally mounted in a Scott Specialty album. Surprising are many nice four margin classic stamps which are genuine and sound -- easily worth full catalog or more, such as Modena, Sardinia (specialized for the scarce shades). Selectivity in centering and cancellations are evident throughout, and well above that usually encountered in the Italian area. Obviously damaged to-the-eye have not been counted, nor have obvious reprints or fakes been counted (marked "NC" for "Not Counted").

Lot #
(19 / 19 / $5931.15). Has 2-4, 5*, 6 on paper, 7-10*, 11a*, 12*, 13a*, 14*, PR2, PR2 (1 good side, 2 close sides, 1 cut side), PR3 DMGD NC, PR3-PR4*, PR4* (2 good sides, 1 close side), PR5.

* Mint ** Mint NH PC Pen Cancel
BC Bar Cancel DMGD Damaged SE Straight Edge
CC Clipped Corner MXD Mixed Mint/Used SS Souv. Sheet
CCR Corner Crease NC Not Counted // Not Complete Set
CP Clipped Perfs. NG No Gum RC Revenue Cancel