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Series "436". An immaculate collections all used, very fine stamps from Scott Internationals albums. A postal used only collection is difficult to put together, but this long time collector, and personal friend of mine, succeeded.

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(184 / 140 / $269.10). Has 4N1-4N4/ 4N6-4N11, 5N1-5N11/ 5N13-5N30/ 5N32-5N34/ 5N39//, 6N1-6N31/ 6N34-6N37; SAAR: 155-163/ 166-167/ 169-174, 188-202, C9-C10, 8N1-8N38//.

Series "453". Collections from 26 volumes of Scott Int'l. with over $140,000 catalogue value. Beautiful material.

Lot #
(701 / 596 / $1221.25). Has #9N2, 9N3, 9N4, 9N5, 9N7, 9N11, 9N12*, 9N13, 9N15*, 9N22, 9N23, 9N24, 9N25, 9N26, 9N28, 9N30, 9N32, 9N35, 9N36, 9N39, 9N42-9N60, 9N61, 9N63, 9N75, 9N76, 9N78, 9N83, 9N84-9N93, 9N95, 9N96, 9N97, 9N99*-9N100*, 9N101, 9N102, 9N103, 9N104, 9N105, 9N106*, 9N107*, 9N108, 9N109, 9N111, 9N112*, 9N113-9N114, 9N115, 9N117*, 9N119*, 9N122*, 9N131, 9N134, 9N135, 9N136, 9N140, 9N141*, 9N142*, 9N143*, 9N154, 9N156, 9N158*-9N159*, 9N165-9N169, 9N186, 9N187, 9N188, 9N189, 9N190, 9N218, 9N220, 9N221*, 9N222, 9N243, 9N245, 9N248**, 9N249, 9N250**, 9N255, 9N261, 9N295, 9N296A, 9N298, 9N298A, 9N299, 9N300, 9N300A, 9N300B, 9N301 (2), 9N309, 9N310, 9N322 (2), 9N323A, 9N324, 9N325, 9N331*, 9N339*, 9N346*, 9N358, 9N369*, 9N370*, 9N370, 9N372, 9N373A*, 9N375, 9N375A, 9N375B, 9N376, 9N401, 9N403, 9N406*, 9N408*, 9N409, 9N416*, 9N419*, 9N425, 9N426*, 9N445, 9N451*, 9N455*, 9N456*, 9N470*, 9N475*, 9N476*, 9N477*, 9N479*, 9N482, 9N483, 9N484*, 9N487, 9N488-9N491, 9N507, 9N512-9N514, 9N516, 9N517, 9N518, 9N519, 9N521, 9N522, 9N523, 9N525*, 9N529, 9N538, 9N540, 9N548, 9N549, 9N552, 9N553, 9N554, 9N555, 9N556, 9N557, 9N569, 9N576, 9N578, 9N580, 9N584*, 9N585, 9N586, 9N591, 9NB8, 9NB10*, 9NB12*, 9NB13*, 9NB14-16, 9NB17, 9NB18*, 9NB20*, 9NB56*, 9NB64, 9NB115*-118*, 9NB136*, 9NB167, 9NB180*-181*, 9NB191*-192*, 9NB195, 9NB196*, 9NB203, 9NB209*-212*, 9NB216, 9NB217, 9NB218, 9NB219, 9NB220, 9NB221*-222*, 9NB227, 9NB228, 9NB229, 9NB231*, 9NB232-233, 9NB254*-256*, 9NB257*-260*, 9NB268*, 9NB269*, 9NB270*, 9NB271*, 9NB275, 9NB277*-278*, 9NB279*-282*, 9NB283, 9NB285; West Saxony: 14N4; Mecklenburg: 12N4; Provinz Sachsen: 13N4a, 13N4; Thuringia: 16N4; East Saxony: 15N19, 15N20; DDR: B21a*.

* Mint ** Mint NH PC Pen Cancel
BC Bar Cancel DMGD Damaged SE Straight Edge
CC Clipped Corner MXD Mixed Mint/Used SS Souv. Sheet
CCR Corner Crease NC Not Counted // Not Complete Set
CP Clipped Perfs. NG No Gum RC Revenue Cancel