Collection 540

Series #540. An unusal selection of imperforate U.S. stamps. This US section includes some scarse issues released by the Postal Service in 2012. To the surprise of many collectors, officials issued a small number of press sheets without perforations. The uncut sheets were released in limited quantities and were only available in Kansas City, Missouri, yet most sold out immediately. In an instant, the imperforate stamp sheets became modern rarities. For example, only 75,000 Baseball All-Star se-tenant sheets were issued compared to 118, 000 Bugs Bunny sheets with the 10th stamp imperforate. In a controversial move, the editors of Scott Catalogue announced they would not list or give numbers to these stamps because they did not fit Scott guidelines. This decision was strongly debated since the imperforate stamps are valid for postage. If the ruling had stood, these would be the only imperforate US stamps without Scott numbers. However reason prevailed and they are now identified in Scott by a small letter following the Scott number.