Collection 301

Series "301" and "320" are on dealer "104" cards. A nice group of individual stamps and sets from a dealer's stock selection. Each card has the Scott catalog number and value of the stamp written on it. These stamps have been in our inventory for awhile now. When we updated these values several years ago we were using the 2005 Scott Catalog. While there may be some exceptions, generally catalogue prices are now higher, so these stamps are even a better buy. For the most part these are Very Fine stamps and there should be few, if any, faults. These stamps were carefully selected by the original dealer for resale. The majority of mint stamps are either MNH or lightly hinged, and a few issues are used. We have tens of thousands of these dealer cards and will be offering a nice range of good individual stamps each month to help you fill in some blank spaces in your collection. These lots are reasonably priced for the quality of the material and will probably not be discounted in future sales lists.