Collection 293

"Series 293". This is an interesting group of individual stamps, put together by a collector and sold to an auction where I purchased it sight unseen. The vast majority on these stamps, around 98%, are used classic pre 1940, mainly regular issues. Some of the stamps obliviously came from an old German album, perhaps before stamp hinged were popular. Some of these were heavily hinged using thick paper hinges. Some of these stamps remain on the original album paper and were trimmed around the stamp. These few stamps that remain hinged on the album paper are identified as being "on paper", and would need to be carefully removed from the paper by soaking the stamp free of its paper hinge. In spite of all this, there are many really nice old classic stamps that would be wonderful additions to your collection. Other stamps are identified as "heavily hinged", but the majority are hinge free. All the stamps in this Series are priced at 10% less than we usually sell individual stamps. This lower pricing is to help make up for any effort on your part to clean up the stamps. This discount applies to all the stamps in this Series, weather they need any extra attention or not. As always, you can return any stamps that you are not pleased with. Have fun with these, there are a lot of very fine stamps in this lot.