Collection 190

Series "190". Country collections from a forty-eight volume Scott International album set. Much of this "Back of the List" material has been sitting around in our office for years now, since it was purchased in 2002. At that time our main purchase was a complete 48-volume set of Scott Internationals. It came with several large "junk lot" cartons. I have finally started to sort through these "junk lot" boxes after having stored them for the past 6 years. I now find that the contents are certainly not "junk". The collector loved to buy small packets of stamps from many dealers around the country on a regular basis for years. Much of this material is from these stamp packets that he never got around to placing in his huge set of albums. There is probably nothing rare or valuable, or much classic material, but there are lots and lots of stamps. We are offering several one and two pound lots of this material. Expect some minor duplication along with some minimal odds and ends, such as postcards, covers, etc. The value here should far exceed your cost, and your pleasure of sorting through such vast numbers of stamps should be immeasurable. In addition, we are offering several large packets of individual countries, some philatelic supplies, etc. For the larger lots extra postage will be charged to cover the cost.